Mobiles are changing e-commerce and consumer purchasing habits

Mobiles are changing e-commerce and consumer purchasing habits

Consumers feel increasingly comfortable with their smartphones, and each time the use given to these devices is extended to other functions beyond their basic utility of speaking or sending text messages.

Now, the new trends of mobile users clearly show how the mobile phone has become a tool of greater utility when it comes to making purchases, whether for consultation, comparison and research on products, as well as new technologies already integrated into some devices that allow transactions and payments to be made in purchases.

Mobiles are changing e-commerce and consumer purchasing habitsThis is demonstrated by different reports and studies from firms such as Compete or comScore, through which the great generational change of electronic commerce is evident thanks to the improvement and integration of new technologies in this type of devices.

Consumers are rapidly and positively assuming and adopting all the innovations of mobile technology, increasingly using the new features offered by the latest generation devices and starting to use them in their purchasing processes.

The payment through the mobile will undoubtedly be one of the advances whose use will begin to spread more quickly when making purchases. In this sense, Compete points out through one of its studies that food products, clothing or service bills such as telephony, are among those most relevant to consumers when it comes to using mobile payment systems.

comScore, meanwhile, highlights the significant growth of mobile users as an important aspect when it comes to potential use of mobile as a payment system, beyond the practical use of its most basic functions such as speaking, sending text messages, use of applications or surfing the internet for access to social networks, blogs and search engines.

In other areas such as advertising and mobile marketing, these new trends can be considered as clear indications of a communication channel that offers new opportunities to companies and brands.

However, the proliferation of mobile payments between users and consumers runs into a well-known barrier. And is that of those interested in using mobile technology to make payments on their purchases, 56% said they remain concerned about the safety of this type of devices and operations.

What is evident is that according to the important barriers being overcome, mobile phones will completely change the current state of electronic commerce, turning mobile technology into something completely essential in the purchasing processes of users and consumers.

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