Customer service should be a priority for companies

Customer service should be a priority for companies

Social networks have opened the doors of the world and we can receive information through various channels, be tweets, post on Facebook or articles on blogs among others. But they also collaborate with overinformation and there we are the users who must know how to filter every one of the things that come to us.

Customer service should be a priority for companiesIt has also opened the doors to companies, allowing them to get closer to their customers, get new and increase the loyalty of more people every day. Users often feel closer to them because in a few minutes we can get answers directly, something that until a few years ago was very difficult to achieve. However, there is something that does not work well, and it is the way to face their presence in them because 79% of people believe that customer service is worse than before.

These data were mentioned yesterday at the event “The Art of Relationship with the Client” made by Convergys at the Thyssen Museum in Madrid, with David Solana as speaker. His presentation was entitled “Masterpieces of Interaction with the Client”, with the aim of showing how to optimize each interaction with them through multiple channels, including social networks.

“Overinformation also exists for companies, which have dozens of data from customers and users, but efforts are focused more on using them for analysis and statistics, instead of improving customer service,” explained Solana, who believes that the information base “should be used to facilitate customer service, to obtain ROI and to achieve other objectives that, for the time being, are not being met in companies”.

“What can we do to provide a great assistance to the user?”, He asked, arguing that “use the data we have at our disposal to make your life a little easier.” An example was “when we call customer service and the call goes down, we re-dial and we must say the same thing again, which ends up wearing away the users. This is not necessary if we use the information we have from customers trying to anticipate the events. ”

“An example of how it can be done is seen with AT & T in the United States, at a time when everyone calls to ask for a free iPhone.” He explained that “when a user calls, he receives a central that already has the data of the customers entered, detects the client and sends the operator all the necessary data. As a policy, in order to have an iPhone at no cost, your customers must have had a minimum of 6 months with the company and an average monthly expense of $ 50. That information reaches the operator and before picking up the call you know what the answer will be. The same if they request it by Internet, where the same system sends the automatic answer and the client does not fulfill those requirements “.

“AT & T distrust at the beginning that with so little time of permanence, it is profitable because they should give away millions of iPhones at that rate, but they observed that the losses were not so many, that the cost savings in customer service were very large and that the Customer satisfaction had increased to levels not seen before. ”

Solana said that “there are four pillars of great importance to achieve great objectives in customer service”:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • News
  • Ubiquity
  • Immediateness

“The last point is the most important, but it is only reached when the previous ones are fulfilled. We must have the ability to react immediately, to be able to respond quickly to a customer’s complaint. If a client makes a public complaint about us and we quickly see it, we must act, requesting, also in public, a means to respond personally and privately to the user’s problem. With this simple measure, we will already have won half a battle in our online reputation. ”

“The key to the game is in the emotions, anticipating the people making them see that we are really worrying about them. It is generating empathy. ” Solana says “we have the data, we have the means, why do we engage in analysis and do not do what we should do?”

“The company is always open to the stimuli that come through our channels of entry: web, mobile, mail cal center, IVR, store, ATM, TV, etc., and there we must make a decision following the company policies we have. “The object, the purpose of this system is to improve the interaction with the customer in an emotional way, to achieve customer loyalty, recruitment and retention, in addition to increasing sales and achieving all the objectives we set ourselves.”

But, in order to do this, we need to know what we have to listen to and how to do it. For this we must have some points in mind at the time of social interaction, relying on one of the many tools that exist for that purpose:

  • Filter the noise. We must be able to identify influential netizens and give them maximum priority, eliminating noise (ads, sales, spammers, etc.).
  • Give priority to incoming post, classifying them automatically according to the content of the post

“With these simple measures, we can have up to 77% increase in terms of post review and maximum efficiency when dealing with cases that require urgency, not wasting time with the selection, in addition to increasing our ROI as customers they are satisfied and we reduce unnecessary costs, “said Solana. “All this can be done automatically just by entering a few data into the system, and from there it will start to work only for our benefit.”

“The key is to automatically filter all the information that comes to us and, at the same time, put into actual operation all the data we have at our disposal, not thinking about the company, but about the users, in order to achieve great objectives in a short term, “he said.

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