10 fundamental keys to make effective our strategy in social networks

10 fundamental keys to make effective our strategy in social networks

All companies aim to obtain benefits and a positive experience of their actions and participation in social networks. However, for this work to be fruitful and effective, some fundamental keys that every business or company should have in mind must be taken into account.

The new marketing rch in data, poor in analysisKeys that we reveal, the fundamental aspects to achieve our objectives successfully while learning the mechanisms and operation of these means to act accordingly.

Pull, do not push : one of the first lessons you will learn is that traditional forms do not work here. Do not start promoting your products, the new tools also require new standards. For example, on Twitter, it is not advisable to thank visiting by adding advertising to the page in that response.

Gain the right to be heard : social networks are basically conversations and participation. The importance of your participation will depend on what your comments and your contributions contribute or not.

Content is the key : it provides informative content, entertaining, varied and well written. There are many ways: blogs, status updates, images, podcasts … and you can get many benefits. Some of these benefits may be to improve the positioning in search engines thanks to an updated content, offer the user what he needs and that in that way come to you when you need it …

Authenticity and transparency : it seems silly but something so simple is the basis on which the credibility of brands in social networks is sustained. Be real, honest and admit your mistakes when you come.

You do not have to be in all social networks : it is impossible to be actively present in all of them and neither is it necessary. They should be where your potential customers are.

Give and you will receive : have a positive attitude and help others in your activities on social networks. With actions like these you will achieve credibility.

It’s just a channel : social networks are another channel through which to build your company and launch your messages, not to replace others. Social networks are a place for integration, e-mail and search engines are still where advertisers spend most time because they also work very well. Social networks are a part of that multiple channel that is Internet.

Social networks are a way of thinking : you have to incorporate social networks to your way of thinking. It is not only about changing the tools, but also the strategy or way of seeing those tools. It does not help to know how something is done if we do not know also why it is done.

Be yourself : use your real name and a photograph of yourself to let you know. In social networks people trust people, and that is why it is important to be oneself from the first minute. Being yourself implies not trying to be someone you are not. Remember point 4, authenticity and transparency.

Experiment : social networks come without an instruction book or codes so there are a lot of possibilities to explore. In fact, that is the only way to grow.

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