Four benefits of a hosted membership management system

With UK productivity growth lower than that of other EU economies, it is vital today’s businesses do everything they can to boost productivity within their organisation. Improving customer satisfaction can help provide the boost needed, as can creating cost-efficiencies through the use of technology.

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Hosted software services

Hosted software services are one such technology, with cloud-based systems becoming increasingly popular amongst companies as confidence grows around issues such as data security. These fears around data security may be one reason some organisations have not yet begun using hosted services. They may also be unsure about the true benefits it can bring to their company.

Benefits of hosted software services

There are, however, significant benefits, especially for companies using hosted membership management software systems, including:

1.      Integration: For organisations who want to improve their customer service, membership management systems offer them the ability to integrate their customer database with other systems, ensuring customers and other providers receive timely information on services. As the management systems improve, companies receive automatic updates, ensuring they are always at the forefront of the technology.

2.      Technical support: Many companies do not have the resources internally to manage complex IT systems but are aware that they must stay on top of technological changes in order to ensure business productivity grows. Using cloud-based systems provides access to experts, such as those at, and regularly updated systems allowing you to keep abreast of changes without having to reinvest because your system has become obsolete.

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3.      Access: Cloud-based systems allow your staff to access systems remotely and from multiple devices, including tablets and smartphones. This means they can provide better support to customers when not in the office. With data showing staff are often more effective when working remotely, giving them the tools to succeed, can only lead to more efficiencies.

4.      Availability: Using a cloud-based management system means that staff and customers can have access to information more readily and that hardware failure or network outages present less of a risk for your business. As information is stored in the cloud, it can be accessed from multiple computers or other devices such as tablets if one should fail. Information is also available outside of traditional business hours, something many of your customers will be looking for.

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