App development methodologies: What to ask your provider

App development methodologies: What to ask your provider

There are many challenges to overcome when developing mobile apps, especially given the fragmented state of the market. With multiple operating systems to take into account, businesses can have a tough time embracing the BYOD (bring your own device) culture.

Outsourcing app development to a third party provider is sensible, allowing businesses to overcome many of the obstacles they face. However, in order to get a satisfactory conclusion to this experience, it is necessary to engage your provider and ensure that they are going to produce an app that meets your needs.

Avoiding Mistakes

Getting app development right in the modern era entails focusing on creating multiple apps for each mobile platform and understanding what can go wrong.

This can be an issue because although you will be able to cover as many users as possible, you may end up with apps that differ from one another in terms of design and functionality. If you are trying to create business loyalty apps, this will clearly create unwanted friction and frustration with customers and clients.

App development methodologies

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It is important to avoid dealing with app development in a fragmented way, especially if you are handling part of the process in-house while outsourcing the rest of the work. With Apple creating app development training centres worldwide, this may be tempting.

Embracing Suitable Development Methodologies

Getting an external app developer such as to build mobile software for your company is a good start to simplifying the process. It should mean that you can approach development in a more holistic manner, making sure that a single app with consistent experiences across all platforms is created.

You will need to make sure that a Y-shaped methodology is employed by your provider, meaning that the app starts from a single point in terms of its features and functions before branching out to adapt to the major platforms, including iOS and Android.

Developing for more niche platforms may not be something you choose to do, especially with the problems facing Microsoft and BlackBerry in terms of market share at the moment.

However, it is a good idea to ask your provider about the development services they offer and the steps involved in creating apps for all platforms because the holistic approach might be most effective.

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