• Becoming a public speaker2
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    Becoming a public speaker: the pros and cons

    If you are thinking about quitting the rat race, the concept of becoming a professional public speaker may appeal – not only do you get to spread your ideas and talk about topics that you love and know a lot about, but you get to meet a lot of new and interesting people, and get […]

  • What is A-B testing2
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    What is A-B testing?

    A-B testing is essentially an experiment using the internet as your laboratory. In science, it would be called a ‘control’ experiment. It involves measuring the effect of one change in the way you advertise your business. You run the experiment with and without the change. If your business is more successful with the change, it […]

  • Choosing a network cabling installer

    Cabling infrastructure is the cheapest, but the longest-lived and most difficult component to replace for your business network. Often, when a company goes expands or moves to a new site, the cable infrastructure that they used to send the last email from their old office will most likely be the same as the one that […]

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  • How to find the right tradesperson2

    How to find the right tradesperson

    Are you planning to hire a business to work in or around your home? Whether the work is big or small, there are recommended steps to take. For your own protection, following this advice can save you time, money, and a lot of pressure. Image credit When using a business, you must: Be specific and […]

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  • Why use BIM2

    Why use BIM

    Building information modelling is a very useful and important technology available that changes the way construction projects take place and restoration work is carried out. What that means for people, is that we have better buildings in better locations and that our infrastructure is upgraded with industries that are more profitable and efficient.

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