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    Alternative sources of power

    Fossil fuels have brought unprecedented development to the Western world. The Industrial Revolution from the 1800s onwards was a colossal change that meant a shift in how we worked, lived and moved around. Unfortunately, the thing that fuelled this change was two of the most dangerous and damaging long-term items ever to be discovered. This […]

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    What do the best estate agents have?

    The best agents communicate regularly and effectively with their clients! It can be frustrating to deal with an agent that is not good at communicating. You need to be kept informed about the current situation of your buying or selling of property. You could waste valuable time on opportunities with a low chance of success.

Are French doors from Italy?

French doors are a great addition to any room. They let in a lot of light and make the room seem bigger. Why are they called French Doors? French doors have their roots in the 16th and 17th centuries when France was at war with Italy. The French brought back Renaissance art and architectural ideas […]

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