Applications to read news on your smartphone

Applications to read news on your smartphone

Here is a list missed the best applications for reading news on your smartphone, to keep you updated with the latest developments taking place in the world.

Applications to receive News on Smartphone

Would you like to be informed of the most important events taking place in the national and international scene? Then you came to the right place, because here we have the best apps for reading news on your Smartphone.

If you do not have time to read the newspaper or watch the headlines on television, just take a look at any of these mobile apps designed to collect the main sources of news on the Internet and updated offer a summary of what happens on the planet.

Besides enjoying great popularity, these applications to receive news on your mobile or tablet also stand out for their flawless performance and modern interface. What will you choose?

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Get news on your Smartphone with Flipboard

And we start with one of the most comprehensive platforms to read news on the smartphone. Flipboard has a dynamic and minimalist design that makes it possible to navigate a series of web pages.

One of the peculiarities of this tool (and that hardly find in other applications) is that all those elements that can ruin the user experience are deleted: pop-up ads, Adsense advertising, pop-ups, and more.

And if you have a mobile device, there is always the web version to all your queries from the computer.

Social news application: Press

Secondly, we have this news platform application which is defined as an aggregation of websites. The idea is to manually placing your favorite news portals to inform you of the latest publications in real time.

Press also has an option to customize your list of feeds doing a simple search or add your accounts on social networks like YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, to know the things you shared your friends.

How to read news on the smartphone with Feedly

Now is the turn of the RSS reader that works with a generous repertoire of sources to make a general tour of the most important headlines of the day. The application is updated every five minutes to change its gallery websites.

If you want a tool that is fast and efficient when receiving news on the smartphone, then here’s a good alternative Feedly also integrates with your favorite social networks: Twitter and Facebook.

Application to add RSS: Netvibes

We find one of the best applications to read news from smartphones. Netvibes is a virtual desktop that lets you perform a handful of functions, such as manually add RSS feeds. Additionally it has widgets that can run on your terminal screen, so you always have a view of the latest news.

NewsBlur, news on your mobile or tablet

NewsBlur is one of the few applications to read news from the smartphone that sends you notifications from your personal interests. Its interface is very attractive and can add up to 60 feeds.

On the other hand, you can also choose from categories such as politics, sports, culture, technology, film, design, television, and more.

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