The data show that social networks do serve to sell

The data show that social networks do serve to sell

Social networks still have many detractors who question its usefulness in many ways. Instead, it studies are able to demonstrate that there are other brands that are getting returns from their marketing strategies and actions through Social Media. Multiple data new reports show the most relevant trends in this area and the benefits of social networking for business.

The moving figure as the main tool to access social networks

The rise of mobile devices has led to the hyper users who consult their social profiles almost instinctively. As a result, these smart devices recorded 40% of the time users spend on social media. More than half of Facebook users are turning to their mobile to update your profile, along with 48% of Pinterest. According Addshoppers, both platforms constitute 56% of trade generated by social networks. The remaining third is recorded via Twitter.The data show that social networks do serve to sell

The visual web is positioned above the rest of content

Hence the success of platforms like Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram. This is great online storefronts where users can find the information that interests them, at a glance. 63% of consumers plan to use the online catalogs when buying, and 35% admit to using options when planning their purchases.This has led many companies to adapt its strategy to this new form of display content. Thus, according includes the Specialty Retail Report, 90% of retailers in the United States have an account at Instagram and Pinterest, along with YouTube, Twitter and Facebook traditional, where their presence is almost complete (99%). Even the rest of social networks have turned their eyes towards the former. The current aesthetics of Facebook has nothing to do with that we had a few months ago; This week surprised us with increasing the size of its sponsored stories. Meanwhile, Twitter previewing images. Not surprisingly, 94% of the content that generates more engagement is based on images.

Pinterest is the social network preferred by women

The current user profile options are female (85%) with between 30 and 49 years old, as reflected in Vision Critical. Its enormous visual appeal made by buyer par excellence surrender to its charms. For them it is a useful reference tool and a source of ideas and inspiration, especially in the case of fashion, home, gifts and decorations.

The network is also positioned boards as reporting the most profitable qualified traffic

At this point they coincide several studies, although with significant differences. According AddShoppers, the AOV (Average Order Value) of a customer revered options is $ 187.84, a fairly close figure that indicates RichRelevance ($ 169). Meanwhile, Monetate positioned first to Pinterest, although less than half of that value (US $ 80.54), and practically equates the 3 major social networks (Facebook and Twitter 71.26 dollars 70.17 dollars). In the case of the other two sources, the asymmetry is particularly evident in the values attributed AddShopers to Facebook (US $ 30.45) and Twitter (US $ 152,58).

What is your opinion? Your activity on social networks impact on sales?

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