Search, compare and if you find something better … share it!

Search, compare and if you find something better … share it!

We all agree that the way of buying has changed in recent years. From the physical stores, he soon moved to online commerce, which allows him to acquire a wide range of products from home. But the commerce in the network has gone a step further and has become interactive, thanks in part to the rise of social networks.

Social Media Strategy Where to startAn online store is not completely complete without a section in which users can share their experience and tell the rest about the product they are going to acquire. We speak of social commerce or electronic commerce that is based on the use of social networks to help the purchase and sale of products and services.

With the change in consumer habits, customers have become much more demanding and they are no longer worth the information of a single product. According to several recently published studies on social commerce, 90% of European Internet users admit to being strongly influenced by the Internet and in the Spanish case, more than 40% of users are regular users of social networks and that the main reasons would lead them to change their minds about the products would be the recommendations read on the network and published by their close circle.

All this is based on the security that the client needs when buying online; For this reason and to ensure a good acquisition, users do not hesitate to use the so-called brand prescribers, ie, those users who say in their timeline about a certain company and their criteria has the confidence of other Internet users. The forums and communities are other places to take into account when it comes to knowing what the audience thinks.

In social networks, the prestige of a brand is at stake, since it is the users who, based on their experiences, build the image that a given corporation gives abroad. In addition to capturing and caring for their influencers, a good social media marketing strategy must be continually modified to relate to this new wave of consumers who in turn will report useful information to use it for the benefit of the company.

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