Ways to make Office Life a bit more Interesting

Ways to make Office Life a bit more Interesting

For many, working an office job can be tiresome and sometimes boring. Spending most of your working week sat at a computer desk could have negative effects on your physical and mental health, so sometimes it’s important to spice up your office life a bit. Whether that’s going for a little walk on your lunch break or taking part in fun team building tasks, doing a few out of the ordinary office activities a week will reduce stress and increase staff happiness. Just by doing simple things like buying them new work desks and office chairs from stores such as https://www.severnfurnishing.co.uk/ – an Office Furniture Gloucester company, will increase their comfortability and happiness within the company.

Bring your Dogs to work 

It is scientifically proven that those cute puppy dog eyes just melt our hearts, and most certainly make you more happy. Stroking your fur baby releases endorphins, and reduces stress dramatically. So maybe get your team together and have a ‘bring your dog to work day’ – you will most definitely not regret it. See this article on how pets boost your mood.

Ways to make Office Life a bit more Interesting

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Work breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals in the day as it fully prepares you for the morning. There is a high percentage of individuals in the UK that skip breakfast everyday, so this sadly starts them off to a low energy, grumbly morning. Work breakfasts are a common occurrence with businesses in the UK, and it encourages them to bond over a coffee and tasty food.

Ways to make Office Life a bit more Interesting2

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Team Yoga

Team yoga is a great way to have fun and bond with your team, but also encourages you to move around and relax. Some team members could be uncomfortable and awkward about doing yoga at first, but if you research some yoga moves and lead the way, you’ll soon get them interested – and it takes you away from your computer screen.

Team quizzes

Having a weekly quiz is the best way to get away from your desk for a bit. The quiz could be about anything, just make sure it’s fun and lighthearted, and not business based. This will encourage workers to get their brain in gear to bond and share ideas with their teammates. The quiz can be as long as you like, so don’t feel frightened about adding extra rounds. Including a range of different categories will give each team a fighting chance.

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