Three in ten websites now powered by WordPress

Three in ten websites now powered by WordPress

According to data collected by W3Techs, WordPress now powers 30% of the leading 10 million websites on the net. But just why is this content management system (CMS) so popular? We take a look.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress essentially allows anyone to build a website. Users can select a domain name or use one they already own, choose a template from the options provided or upload their own, and customise their site. They can add a blog, link to social media, add photos and video, and even build in an e-commerce facility. While all this functionality requires computer code, known as HTML, the WordPress user interface is simple to use. If you can upload files and use a regular word processing program, you will quickly get to grips with WordPress.

The advantages of WordPress over other CMS platforms

Of course, there are other CMS platforms out there. But how many can you name? As reported by Search Engine Journal, WordPress now enjoys a 60.2% market share of the CMS market. Why? One reason is its user-friendliness. However, beyond this, WordPress can evolve with your business, whether you are a multinational organisation or a one-man band. There is a basic, free version of WordPress that gets you up and running quickly but has reduced functionality. There is also a paid version that offers you almost unlimited options to customise your site by adding all kinds of plugins that let you do things like create email lists. In short, when you’re ready to grow, WordPress has you covered.

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A word of caution

It’s important to note that just because WordPress offers a do-it-yourself web design option, you still need to ensure your site looks professional and delivers what you need, in terms of visitor engagement, site speed and functionality. Because of the importance of a strong web presence, many businesses still prefer to use experts in WordPress web design in London or elsewhere, such as, to deliver a site that brings in the right visitors and maximises conversions.

The latest data on WordPress underlines its position as the world’s most popular CMS. If you’re looking to create or refresh your business online presence and have yet to discover WordPress, you might like to consider getting in the experts or finding out for yourself what this CMS has to offer.

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