Marketing in Social Networks: A good start without making excuses

Marketing in Social Networks: A good start without making excuses

We already know that some of the objectives that the marketing is directed are: the generation of potential customers, increase sales, customer loyalty and business growth. And in this, Social Media is not “something” isolated. It is expected to help achieve all these goals. That is why it is better to highlight some tips and vital aspects that you can take into account when jumping to the adventure of the media and social networks.

Marketing in Social Networks A good start without making excusesA good start

Starting well in social networks is imperative

Start with a Goal: Why blog? What are you doing on social networks? There are only three acceptable responses. Increase brand awareness by increasing reach, building customer loyalty, providing more support, or increasing sales.

Do not start unless you can answer these questions. And also that these objectives must be quantifiable and measurable, but … how to know if you meet them?

“Ignore your competition”

The best tactics and campaigns have not yet occurred: find out what new untapped opportunities can be tapped and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Do not be in all Social Networks

The management of communities consume resources. Each social network has its own characteristics, its own language. It is imperative to do well, and has a huge opportunity cost. So, give priority to one or two networks to achieve greater growth.

Do not make excuses

You have enough time and / or money

People always say they do not have the time or money to invest in social media. But the truth is that you can not afford not to be on social networks.

If you have little time, then outsource the necessary tasks. Or invest in resources that will serve to accelerate your learning curve in social media.

If you do not have money, then you should have more time to focus on content creation or networking. Set a goal easy and applicable as 2 posts each week, or reach a blogger per day.

And study in what you currently invest your time. You’ll be amazed at the waste of time and the opportunity cost you’re wasting.

Being effective does not mean being efficient

The social media is true that they are great, but people confuse being busy efficiently. Start with a goal, reverse engineer how you are going to reach that goal, identify the activities with the most ROI, prioritize and set limits, be disciplined and accountable to others.

Focus your actions

When you have identified a primary business objective, every online strategy and tactic will have to be geared towards higher ROI. And sooner or later, you will have to make a difficult decision: You will have to prioritize resources and choose what you are going to do (and what not). But you will see that this decision is easy when you have a goal. The use of social media already have a purpose. And also you will realize the benefits.

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