Companies are committed to content marketing to promote engagement

Companies are committed to content marketing to promote engagement

The report “Best practices in content marketing: Getting engagement through digital channels” has shown that brands are betting strongly on content marketing, developing strategies aimed at attracting the customer, gaining their trust and fidelity.

ContentThe content is and will remain the king

Companies are clear, without quality content will not be able to attract your audience. 87% of marketers have included the videos in their marketing strategy, according to Outbrain at the beginning of the year; not in vain, audiovisual content is the most successful among the population. They follow closely blog posts, with 66.7% representation.

The differential factor of content marketing with respect to traditional communication lies in the quality of content; these are not promotional messages, focused solely and exclusively on praising the benefits of the company and the product. Content marketing focuses its strategy on bringing value to the user, offering content that meets their tastes and preferences; information that attracts and interests you, invite you to contribute with your comments, interact with the brand and even encourage you to share.

9 out of 10 companies measure the success of your campaign based on engagement

In this study, eMarketer also shows the determining factors for creating quality content and being successful, which translate into betting on value creation, resorting to storytelling, choosing the right broadcast channel and getting traffic. The main thing is to get in the client’s skin, listen to him and attend to his requests.

The very nature of the strategy remains an obstacle to measuring the success of the campaign. It is not possible to quantify the impact of the message, or how many impacts it has recorded, as with CPC advertising. Some brands equate “share” with “engagement”, consider that if the audience interacts with the content, it is because they feel a certain affinity towards the brand. According to the Outbrain survey, 89% of American companies and marketing agencies surveyed felt that referrals in Social Media were a way of measuring the outcome of marketing actions. Another 76% is based on the consumption index of the content, to evaluate its degree of acceptance; while more than half quantifies the mentions in Social Media as well as the leads generated.

One of the three main reasons users follow a brand is because it provides them with interesting content, brands have already guided their strategy in order to capture their customer’s attention and encourage engagement.

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