Content, essential for brands and aspect most valued by users when following them

Content, essential for brands and aspect most valued by users when following them

The contents that companies offer their users both in social networks and in their corporate pages are essential for the growth of the brand and the company itself, since it is what users value most when it comes to follow them or not.

ContentAccording to the Annual Report presented by Veronis Suhler Stevenson these campaigns based on content marketing are leading to massive growth in the communications industry.

Investment in the Internet has grown substantially, with estimates of 18.1%. At the beginning of the year it was expected that these companies linked to the communication had a growth in 2012 of 3.1% but after reviewing the activity of this first quarter the company Veronis Suhler Stevenson believes that growth could reach 3.8%.

For Stevenson one of the main reasons to increase this expense is the fact that many companies are starting to offer relevant content through Tablets and mobile devices. The company says that as a result there has been an increase in the North American communications sector, in which consumers and companies are starting to use these platforms in a constant way.

What is true is that companies were not expected to be so “aggressive” about adjusting their new strategies and creating original content for audiences on such a variety of devices. Developing this type of actions and marketing strategies helps organizations to popularize their corporate website and strengthen their presence in the network, which with this original content informs customers of the new trends in the industry.

In addition, thanks to the generation of relevant content and quality, companies can attract the attention of a greater number of users who increasingly use their phones and mobile devices to find information about brands while making their purchases. In addition, the content offered by users and publicize the companies in their corporate pages offers the brand a more positive value for the rest of the users.

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