7 Steps to position your blog and increase visits

Do you want your blog to be at the top of Google? Do you want to increase the number of visits? Any person or company that has a blog wants to have a large number of visits, we all want to be read and offer the world our articles, products, ideas or thoughts. We show you the steps to follow to achieve it:

1. Select the keywords for the positioning of your article, product or company, choose a keyword of low competition in your market niche, read low competition, if you have a quantity of low searches do not worry. There are tools to know these keywords: Wordtracker, Google Trends, Yahoo! Buzz Index, ….

2. Search in Google a keyword phrase that contains the keyword you chose. Example: if you chose the keyword (Positioning Blogs) a key phrase would be (Steps to achieve a good positioning of Blogs)

3. Write an article with that phrase, which contains the keyword of low competence that you chose, and that the article be optimized But this step is the most important, the article must have contents that interest the public to which they are directed, the steps that I am indicating are useless if a quality post is created. On the contrary, if you get it you will receive a lot of links, the community burns with the desire to echo everything that is really worthwhile.

4. Optimize the titles and urls of your articles. Both the general title of the blog, and each of the particular titles of the articles are very important in the process of positioning the blog. The title of the blog should be well thought to reflect in a concrete, unequivocal and concise manner the main purpose of the blog. Each post must be uniquely identified with a title that describes it, in addition you should try to naturally include the most relevant keywords with the bus you can make our visitors.

5. Move the article in social networks, (Twitter, Facebook, menéame, digg, Linkedin, Delicious, Pinterest, …) also a fundamental step, you must upload it to different directories, Web 2.0, etc … where they allow you to leave links, which will redirect visitors to your blog.

Participate in discussion forums and other blogs related to yours and include the url in the signature. You should not confuse this with doing SPAM. Exchange links with other interested sites related to your topic or invite a blogger to write on our website in a timely or periodic manner.

7. After achieving a good ranking with the keyword you chose, choose another keyword of low competence and go back to the same process. You can also use it with strong keywords, it is the same process for all of them, only those of low competence will give you faster results than those of high competition.

For this it takes time and perseverance, if you have that and mix it with enthusiasm and dedication you will achieve your goal, if you have time and want to grow as a brand or company, leave it in the hands of professionals.

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