1 in 5 companies in the UK do not respond to the online consumer request

1 in 5 companies in the UK do not respond to the online consumer request

E-commerce reports around 160,000 million dollars a year to companies in the United Kingdom. However, some companies are losing a significant of their sales and revenue potential due to shortages and the neglect of their customer service.

Social media can not be left in the hands of someone who is not well educated or knows the companyA recent investigation of the WFD in the United Kingdom in which researchers posed as potential clients requesting brochures and catalogs through the web pages of more than 200 companies from different sectors, gave really surprising and revealing results.

Among some of the most important conclusions, it stands out the fact that 20% of the requests of the researchers were ignored. About 39% of the companies did not bother to send an email response as confirmation of the requests sent by consumers, and only 53% of them were personalized.

In a digital age where consumers expect a quick response, not answering this type of requests by companies and merchants can be a serious and costly error since this loss of customer service can directly affect the results of future sales

Sally Hollis, president of the DMA pointed out in this sense that “although the online economy of the United Kingdom is in full swing, the results of the study should be considered as a clear warning for companies to a greater and increasing use of online media by part of consumers, so it is a proven fact that a quick and personalized response can translate into an increase in sales “

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