Why do customers speak ill of my company in the media and social networks?

Why do customers speak ill of my company in the media and social networks?

Criticism is a real headache for any brand with a presence in Social Media.

We can answer why customers speak badly about our company, but if the question is whether we can avoid it, the answer is no. We must keep in mind that opening up to the virtual world implies an implicit acceptance of the rules and, today, they are imposed by increasingly demanding and prepared consumers.

Why do customers speak badly about our products or services? Service deficiencies, lack of attention There is nothing more frustrating for the followers of a brand than to check the lack of attention to their needs by those responsible. Poor customer service

Why do customers speak ill of my company in the media and social networksAt the present time the “customer service” is the first step to gain the loyalty of our followers. The break in the processes of attention to your doubts, concerns and suggestions, is one of the most frequent causes of abandonment.

After-sales service, delivery, deadlines and product quality

Failure to comply with any of the commitments acquired will be publicly shown by consumers, this is how the purchasing decision is defined today and it is the influence that determines the loyalty with a brand. Lack of trust

To generate trust, it was necessary to be transparent and honest, identify what they were looking for in our company and give it to them.

Content, increasingly relevant

Another frequent cause for which customers speak badly about our company, is the content. If these are not relevant, if they do not have quality or if they do not give the answer they expect, they will be the object of strong criticism.

Make sure you give them the content they are looking for and that they deliver, rather than product information, the quality of the answer to their questions, questions and suggestions.

What customers are looking for

  • They should be clear about the reasons why linking with our brand will benefit them
  • Customers also face fierce competition, so clearly identifying the added value that comes with linking with our brand is essential to achieve their trust.
  • Feel the commitment, closely linked to the quality of the goods or products offered and essential to generate trust.

How to minimize criticism of the company

Based on the premise that we can not avoid criticism, it is always important to know how to discriminate against them. It is not the same complaint for a defective delivery, late or with additional charges, that a criticism from the competition in order to reduce the influence of our brand.

In any case, there are actions that should never be carried out if we seek to minimize the “criticism” in our company

  • A complaint is never deleted, whatever its nature
  • Actively listen to what they want, social networks are platforms where information happens as a result of interaction
  • Frequently analyzes the metrics, they will give us the keys to deliver the contents on which the relationship with our clients is built.
  • Show understanding with a client’s discomfort
  • Being empathetic, having patience and not forgetting that a criticism always shows some aspect that is not working well
  • Never cheat your customers, whatever the answer that is delivered to them, it is necessary to make sure that it will be fulfilled.

Always, in regard to Customer Service, there is a premise that can help a lot and this part more than anything common sense; there, when our goal is to remain in the minds of our customers; phrases like “do not do what you do not like to be done” – however simplistic it may seem – are part of what would be the first aid kit in HR.

Even so; There is a point where efforts must be strengthened if there are employees in the company; to transpose our way of working towards them and that everything be seen as a unit; a unit where -surely- the setbacks will not be lacking but first of all they prevail, the good human relations

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