How to face or avoid the loss of dissatisfied customers

How to face or avoid the loss of dissatisfied customers

Thinking about losing customers causes great terror and uncertainty for brands is, in conjunction with crisis management, one of the items that most concerns companies and brands.

And it is not for less; the loss of customers implies dissatisfaction, loss of competitiveness and a universe of consumers making negative recommendations for our brand. We can not avoid it, the competition is fierce, so minimizing the impact is the key.

A problem of a client, is the primary objective

Yes, everyday this phrase, leads to “the satisfaction of our customers is the raison d’être of our brand”, but now, it is like that. Taking a problem presented by an annoying consumer as your own is the best way to avoid your desertion. As you can see, most customers do not abandon a company that offers them better services (prices, products) but companies that are more human, close and committed.

How to face or avoid the loss of dissatisfied customersIf there is no solution, there are alternatives

Another key to curbing the impact of the loss of customers and, very much in line with the above, we find in the loyalty that is generated when a brand that can not face a problem of a customer with a solution, finds a viable alternative with which all, brand and client, are satisfied. Offering a fast and efficient alternative brings us closer to customer loyalty!

Communication with an annoying customer, better face to face!

Social networks have become the most exposed, massified, cross-cutting and public customer service platforms that have existed. However, in relation to the way of interacting with a client affected by a problem, it is more efficient to get carried away by the common sense than to adopt any protocol. When a customer is upset, the email, the phone or a coffee, are more efficient than social networks. Let us personally contact him, what better commitment we can deliver!

Loyal customers; identify them = evangelize them, an opportunity that we can not lose!

Recall that at the present time the consolidation of brands and therefore their growth, is governed by social parameters. The brands are of the consumer, the brands are the greater the sum of influences, the brands include the consumer in the creative process.

Under these three fundamental premises, it is important to remember that, one of the keys to minimize the impact of the loss of customers, we find it in strengthening the links with the most linked. Delivering conditions and preferential treatment at a higher level of connection is the direct path to a universe of satisfied customers. That they will help us to compensate any client that shows dissatisfaction!

The client leaves, why and what have we learned?

Who has not ever lived the next scene. Call a call center to unsubscribe from a service because it has been discordant with what you were offered. A very kind person asks you for the data and the reason why you want to unsubscribe and that is the matter. The question is, what do the companies generally do with the reasons given by the customers who defect?

Finally we can not forget that the reasons that lead a customer to abandon a brand, will be publicly expressed as part of their current consumer role and are those that highlight sensitive areas for our company, but above all, we must include them in our strategies, strengthening those areas and even, making a survey about the particular among our linked clients. It is the best way to prevent not only the crises, but the loss of customers!

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