Customer loyalty how to benefit our web

Customer loyalty how to benefit our web

We do not realize and most active time we talk about recruitment, attraction, conversion … and let into the background almost everything that refers to the loyalty of our customers. One of the worst things that can happen to our site is that we manage transactions and that the relationship stays there without ever having any meeting point in the future.

Our main goal if we talk about loyalty is to make users climb positions in what is called the “ladder of loyalty”. You have to get pass from unknown customers, loyal customers then going to be fans of our brand to end up being prescribers. There is nothing more powerful than the MGM: “member get member” if someone like us recommended us a web that has had a good experience is very likely that we also put them to the test.

Customer loyalty how to benefit our webHow can we achieve this? I would explain two stages:

  1. Effective strategies and good shopping experience uptake: At this stage, it is to attract potential customers consistent with what you can offer and not promise anything you cannot keep because here we try to attract loyal customers.
  2. Strategies “Marketing back end”: Are all those strategies with the aim of building a web-user to allow them to become prescribers’ relationship. I focused on this point launched a whole series important points to help us establish this relationship:
  • Use the ruler to set actions RFM: regency, frequency and monetary value. This is communications segment depending on the degree of relationship you have
  • For regular after-sales questions, active mechanisms of self-response or section FAQS (frequently asked questions). Try to be agile habitual responses, and increase user satisfaction.
  • Whenever you purchase, send an email thanking welcome confidence and invite him to follow you on social networks or newsletters your blog
  • You can attach after buying a satisfaction survey, this will help get ideas to improve service.
  • Premiere your recurring customers with special promotions for them. Discounts, free shipping … let them feel special whenever you can.
  • Active contests and sweepstakes, one of the great achievements is that customers participate in your actions that will have them closer and remember more of your brand.
  • Create your own program points: recurrent encourages purchase and offers special conditions or prizes for the most faithful

Overall, we have a fluid and close to those who have relied on our web communication. Generate a critical mass that can become a true community will be a that we managed to connect with the audience and win the favor of our great leader, demanding clear symptom: CUSTOMER.

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