Social Networking Management: A Question of Attitude and Action

Social Networking Management: A Question of Attitude and Action

It is evident how companies, as a result of the force that have been taking with them social networks which have given the client a powerful means to freely express their thoughts, opinions, suggestions, criticism and feelings in general, more and more Care about what is said about them.

Social Networking Management A Question of Attitude and ActionIt is no longer just about having a presence on the network which is indispensable because we remember that “who is not in the network does not exist”. Now it is also necessary to create channels that allow closer ties with customers and social networks like facebook, twitter or blogs are ideal for this. But like everything else, it’s not about doing to be or being to be, you have to know to be or better not to be.

It is essential to understand that making a presence in social media requires a true orientation towards service because it is an activity that demands time to respond with agility, empathy to understand the particular situation of each individual and proactivity to give effective responses. Companies must know that there is a need for a responsible person to manage relationships with members of their community and that this can, but should not, be done by anyone who is not sufficiently prepared to take on this great responsibility.

And beyond the training that counts, which in principle adds but is not everything, except in a profession such as that of Community Manager, in which there is still much to do and learn, The attitude is indispensable because this person in charge of dynamizing social media should understand that its main objective will be to generate “engagement”. That is to say, it will work to create an emotional bond with the brand and / or the company, for which it must first of all understand that behind any message or comment there is always a person with emotions, needs and expectations.

And just like in the off-line world when service is treated the perceptions are very important and there is only one opportunity to make a good first impression; In the on-line world the question is not very different and it could be affirmed that it is even more implacable. Then it is necessary to act quickly, with transparency, with efficiency and care to the smallest detail. Likewise, It is imminent to be able to react to the possible “storms” that arise because according to when, who and how the situation is handled can be unleashed and uncontrollable, generating a real crisis of image that damages the reputation of the company and Make an impression

So when it comes to managing social networks, it is appropriate to think whether the person to whom the assignment is to be delegated has the appropriate personal attitude to act in line with what the company wants to project while responding to the interests, needs and Desires of the members of the community with which it has to interact to become a true point of union. The one that and how the situation is handled can be disrupted and become unmanageable, generating a real image crisis that damages the reputation of the company and makes a dent.

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