How to humanize twitter and motivate your audience

How to humanize twitter and motivate your audience

Many times we forget how important it is to tweet about issues that are not related to the field in which we move. Writing personal style tweets, in addition to becoming closer and human, can help you improve the influence you have on your followers. Here are some  tips to make Twitter more relevant by humanizing your account with a personal touch. 

Probably one of your main goals, when it comes to using Twitter, is that the followers you have follow you because of the relevance of your tweets. You want people to be interested in your comments; You want to be considered and valued; Or you want to gradually gain a position of reference on a specific topic in which you feel comfortable talking, commenting and participating, professionally or personally. 

How to humanize twitter and motivate your audienceAll of the above is very legitimate and to achieve this your biggest concern should be to try to build the ideal phrase with those scarce 140 characters that you have on Twitter. Logically you will tend to create tweets that deal with the subject in which you normally develop. However,  have you ever thought about offering something of your own personality to your followers? How often do you set aside the main theme and propose different things?  Well, although you may think that it is not very interesting and is not related to the subject that dominates your timeline, it is important that you know the importance of this other type of tweets and how they act on your followers. 

Not since long ago the most hardy twitter are using the so-called “motivating tweets”. This type of message creates a link between the follower and the follower. A relationship that grows over time based on the self-esteem of each other. 

Think of it this way: would you follow someone who every day wakes you up with a motivational phrase that raises your self-esteem and helps you keep going? …. well I do. 

Here are some  “motivational tweets”  that serve as examples to better demonstrate what I say:

  • “Although no one can go back and get a new start, anyone can start now and achieve a new end”
  • “What would you do if you were not afraid? Do it”
  • “Only one thing makes a dream impossible: fear of failure”
  • “A smile is a curved line that straightens everything”
  • “It is absurd to continue to do the same and expect different results”

Surely if you put a little attention to your timeline, you will start to see this kind of tweets in many of the people you follow, they are everywhere! What is not bad, is only a trend that grows day by day. 

If you are not one of those “sentimentalist-motivational” rolls, you always have other strategies at hand that you can use to try to improve that much sought-after link with your followers. Of course, from my point of view, the motivators are the most advisable tweets to establish the link in a faster and more effective way. 

Anyway, here’s a  list of some other ways to get your followers :

  1. Create surveys  among your followers, and of course publish results once closed.
  2. Offers tips to be more productive. Regardless of the field in which you move.
  3. Try to offer  videos, podcast and infographics and  not just links to texts.
  4. Start a  conversation about a hashtag.
  5. Share some funny  or different statistics about your field, … or even about any other.
  6. Create a little more personal tweets  about the TV series you like or about some movie you’ve seen recently. It is not bad to reveal personal aspects about your tastes.
  7. Create a photographic series  about life in your office, on the train or at the corner bar, with a touch of humor.

And above all, and more importantly, be yourself, do not copy anyone and do not let negative comments or loads of envy can influence you. Do not feed the troll. 

Many of these tips, if applied correctly and wisely, can be used for both personal accounts and corporate accounts that seek a level of interaction with people beyond the sale of a product or the presentation of a service. 

Humanize your profile and the profile of your brand. Brands have personality. Social networks are the ideal place to show that personality.

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