Companies can no longer conceive of their marketing strategies without their presence in social networks

Companies can no longer conceive of their marketing strategies without their presence in social networks

Companies are strongly committed to social media. 86% of marketers are aware that Social Media is important to their business. 79% have already integrated their actions into social networks within their marketing strategy and are working to develop their presence in these media. Their efforts are not only focused on the main social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter but also bet on developing multimedia content for YouTube and go making their pinitos in Google.

Facebook continues to be the protagonist of the Social Media strategy of companies. 92% have a presence on the social network of Mark Zuckerberg. For 49%, it is by far the most important platform, with which they would stay if they only had to choose one. However, also 80% of companies have registered their profile on Twitter. It is the ideal platform to converse with customers from you to you, in addition to having a high potential to disseminate content and monitor social activity.

Companies can no longer conceive of their marketing strategies without their presence in social networksAs for Linkedin, 7 out of 10 bet on the network of professionals par excellence. A platform that has become essential to create relationships and contacts with a more professional profile.

Finally, we can not forget YouTube, the online video platform, has managed to make a living in this social channel poker, 56% of companies bet on it, and much more, taking into account that the interest of users By audiovisual content is increasing. Instead, all actions related to geolocation appear as a pending subject. 65% of marketers do not plan to work in this area.

What reasons lead brands to be in social networks?

Mainly, get more notoriety for the brand. It is the main argument that contributes 89% of the marketers. Social networks expand the possibilities of reaching users, and show their closest side.

3 out of 4 companies indicate that social networks help increase traffic to their website. A few days ago we could know, thanks to Search Metrics, that 7 of the 10 main SEO factors were based on the social activity of the brands. Social networks are a great source of information, which offers useful data on the sector, the market and the target public (69%).

Helps to keep customers loyal (65%). Social Media is the realm of interaction, where you can foster the relationships between you and your direct contact with customers. This reverts to a more positive attitude towards the brand, the first step towards loyalty.

61% indicate that social networks have been useful for generating leads and 43% have increased their sales. They are a means to reach customers in a different way, away from the impact that has so saturated. Users react positively to new proposals and actions focused on their interests.

It assumes cost savings (47%) and improves business relationships (54%). The cost of developing your brand’s online presence is far from the stratospheric mass media rates; And it is also a means to create synergies and establish productive relationships. 62% of companies with fewer than 10 employees have managed to reduce their marketing budget, as well as 38% of those with a workforce of more than 1000 employees.

How much time do you need to invest in these channels to start getting results?

The study indicates that 62% of companies invest more than 40 hours a week to develop their strategy in the 2.0 world. If something requires social networks are effort and dedication, a continuous and constant work. 92% of them recognize that with 6 hours a day has managed to obtain positive results, especially in terms of relevance of the company.

What do you plan to do in the future?

Companies are clear that they will continue to bet on social networks within their marketing strategy. YouTube will not be the channel that receives more support (69%), followed by Facebook (66%), LinkedIn (64%) and Twitter (64%). He points out that Google is starting to sound among these marketers, and more than half (53%) will bet on it in the next exercise, as well as Pinterest (51%), whose potential as a conversion tool and to reach the female audience is more Which proved.

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