7 Skills you should develop to succeed in Social Media

7 Skills you should develop to succeed in Social Media

Social networks are a powerful communication channel, a medium that allows you to reach customers who would otherwise be much more difficult and expensive. However, it is a relatively new world that also involves a different way of communicating, getting closer to the target audience and getting it to react to our messages. So, to take advantage of the advantages that Social Media allows you to develop some skills.

7 Skills you should develop to succeed in Social MediaCritical spirit. You need to develop a special instinct, to let you know what is really important. There are huge amounts of information published every day, how do I know what really interests my audience? And, even more important, how can I show it to capture your interest?

Communication . Master the language of this world 2.0. In a conversation you have to know what you are talking about, know the terminology, be familiar with those terms that are a priori extravagant. Whether you use all social networks or not, you have to know what is tuit, a pin, or a trending topic; In order not to be checked when someone asks you directly how do you manage to control the hashtag?

Retailer. Guide your message to your target audience. Identify your needs, interests and hobbies. That way you will know what topics you like, what social networks you are moving in and how to get there. If you are dedicated to launching a generic message, no one in particular, you will not get your target to feel identified.

PR  Identifies the ambassadors of your brand and Treat them as they deserve. Give them reasons to follow you, offer them relevant information, show them first-time content and make them feel they are important. On the other hand, discover the influencers, those people, especially active in social networks, who have the ability to get their message to many people, who takes into account their opinions and recommendations. They are not the same as the ambassadors; Although ideally these influencers act as ambassadors of your brand. That depends on your know-how, and know how to deploy all your communication skills.

Strategy. In social networks it is important that you always act in terms of a strategy, that you set goals and plan your actions. In this way you will give an image of professionalism and generate confidence.

Timely, not opportunistic.   The strategy should also leave some room for improvisation. It is that you monitor the activity and have the capacity to intervene in it. In your faculty to be part of the conversation is the key to success in your actions. If you are able to detect trends and identify needs you can contribute your bit, your actions will gain visibility and you will be able to differentiate yourself.

Patience. Social networks are not a test of speed, but rather a race of substance. It is necessary to act without haste, but without pause. It is about sowing, to be able to gather; To gain ground, to have a wider coverage; To accumulate experiences, contacts and know-how, so that we can take advantage of them at the right time.

What other skills do you consider essential?

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