Will smart home automation change the way we live?

Will smart home automation change the way we live?

Technology has been rapidly advancing in the home. With smart technology available for many aspects of our homes, is this likely to make a difference to the way we live?

Will smart home automation change the way we live

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Why is the technology being developed?

The technology is being driven by consumer demand for a seamless life. Everything we do has become easier due to technology, such as shopping online, working remotely, exercising with fitness trackers, and communicating via apps and video technology. With an ageing population and an increasing awareness of the need to be more energy efficient, the smart house also has practical applications. Here are some of the areas in which home automation is making a difference.

Smart meters

Smart meters – devices that show energy and water consumption – are an excellent way to start utilising smart technology. They track usage and show which devices are costing the most. Awareness of what you are using is beneficial not just for budgeting but also for reducing consumption.

Will smart home automation change the way we live2

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Digital assistants

While they can be a bit of fun, digital assistants can be life changing for some. They can enhance family life by helping those with busy lives to organise themselves. For individuals with a disability, digital assistants can be hugely helpful when running a house. The applications for this technology, which are available from experts such as http://digitalinteriors.co.uk/project/home-automation-systems/, are far-reaching, from ordering groceries to turning off the lights.

Food and wastage

Something that irks most people is forgetting to buy milk. If your bin could order it for you through barcode scanning when you dispose of the empty container, wouldn’t this be great? Technology can help you to keep on top of your grocery shopping; for example, your smart fridge can send you pictures so you know what you are running low on.

Smart lighting and heating

The ability to adjust lighting remotely can be hugely beneficial to a household. The lights can be turned on and set at the lowest output when you are away on holiday to create the illusion that you are still at home, which is an excellent deterrent. Controlling light can also help to reduce energy output, while controlling your heating thermostat remotely will help you to maintain an ambient temperature and potentially save you money.

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