Why is wool such a wonder material?

Why is wool such a wonder material?

There’s a reason why wool continues to be one of the most desirable materials on the planet for a variety of functions but especially clothing. Sourced from sheep, this beautiful and natural material is filled with skin-soothing lanolin and has a number of unique features that exceed those of most man-made fibre alternatives.

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Here are some of the main reasons why you might consider wool, for example in a knitting kit:

Naturally occurring

Wool is a naturally occurring fibre that can be harvested without causing distress or harm to animals. In fact, wool has been used by man ever since clothing began and sheep were farmed.


When you acquire a knitting kit with real wool from a specialist such as woolcouturecompany.com, you’re supporting a sustainable practice because wool is naturally biodegradable over time. It’s also renewable and sustainable.


Wool is naturally hypoallergenic, as well as being resistant to mould, bacteria and mildew.

Thermally balancing

Wool is great at balancing thermal insulation. This means you get to stay warm in the winter months and cool when it’s hot. Yet another reason to choose a wool-based knitting kit!


Wool is resistant to wrinkles because it has a natural crimp that springs back to its original shape after being washed and stretched.

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No dust mites

Dust mites aren’t a fan of wool, so you don’t have to worry about them taking up residence in your favourite jumper.

Absorbs pollutants

Wool also absorbs pollutants. In fact, it’s believed that wool could play a helpful part in combating pollution because it absorbs pollutants and then doesn’t release them back into the environment.

Why wool wins

It’s also worth knowing that wool is naturally fireproof, and resists water. It also comes in a huge range of beautiful colours and weights, making it a great choice for a quality knit that will last the test of time. For most people, wool which is breathable, anti-allergenic and sustainable will always be a better choice than cheaper man-made alternatives which are often of a lower quality and filled with plastic.

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