Why Great Photography Is Vital in Web Design

Why Great Photography Is Vital in Web Design

Why do website users engage with and spend longer browsing some websites over others? One vital factor is website photography.

Why Great Photography Is Vital in Web Design

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The Influence of Photography

Photography is often subjective and susceptible to opinion. What someone might find visually interesting can leave another bored; there is often no correct answer.

Firstly, consider the type of photography your website should include. You should have both photographs of your products and stock photography.

Business Photography

Photographs of your business displayed proudly on your website will give visitors a visual insight into your business. You could display the setting, products or team members of the business. If selling specific products, it is vital to photograph these well to ensure your customers know what they are purchasing.

Why Great Photography Is Vital in Web Design2

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Use photography as an opportunity to showcase the people within your business, how you operate and where you work. Building trust is important: create an emotional connection with your website users and tell your story by displaying the human characteristics that form your company, and allow them to see how you meet their requirements.

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Image Types

The type of pictures you should use greatly depends on the type of business that you run. If selling furniture, it is vital to produce high-quality images in a staged and natural environment, such as a living room. If selling a service, ensure you capture your staff, setting and branding of your business, as well as interaction with your clients.

Photo-editing techniques can help you attain the very best images.

Stock Images

Stock photography can prove extremely useful in web design. Securing access to an extensive library of photographs from a large pool of talented photographers enables you to find images that fit the description of your business precisely. Resources such as Shutterstock provide great collections of images.

A/B Testing

A/B testing can help you discover if your stock or business photography is impacting how your customers are viewing your website. You could run a trial period where one page of your website contains your own business imagery, and another page has stock photography or no images at all. This would help determine how visitors navigate your website.

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