Why Does Style Count with Commercial Washrooms?

Why Does Style Count with Commercial Washrooms?

When designing your commercial washroom, you might not be aware of how powerful an impact it has on your customers, employees and other visitors. The fact is a clean, well-designed and attractive washroom with the right ambience could make or break your brand experience for anyone that comes on site. After all, most visitors will need to use the washroom at some point during their visit!

Why Does Style Count with Commercial Washrooms

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When you commission a washroom service provider Gloucestershire wide, you’ll find that they think of more than just bathroom stalls and budget. They will consider a range of attributes that customers tend to comment on – especially when they leave reviews about an establishment.

Design and Ambience

The ambience is key and design considerations must include decor and the lighting. Soft and warm lighting gives a homely and luxurious feel. Shopping centres and offices tend to feel more professional with brighter lights. Details such as accessories and mirrors need to be considered. Quirky designs create personality and character. Timeless designs create a sense of calm, cleanliness and comfort.

Why Does Style Count with Commercial Washrooms2

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The Hygiene Angle

Hygiene is another key influencer in the visitor experience. Indeed, simplehygienesolutions finds that clean, hygienic and fresh washrooms have a huge influence on everyone that uses them, leaving a positive and welcome impression. The reverse is true if the washroom isn’t well maintained and can be a make or break situation in environments where customers are enjoying food or leisure, such as restaurants, hotels, spas and cafes.

Environmental Considerations

The environment must be considered too. For example, sanitary products must be made properly available and well designed to meet all user needs. There must be facilities made for users with different disabilities, so the design must consider specific access needs, durability and aesthetics.

It is far easier to design a highly functional and appealing washroom now for a business without breaking the bank. The latest products offer affordability and quality and provide scope for great design and customisation. The right washroom designer will seek to understand your unique needs by assessing factors such as accessibility, space and layout, budget and brand. Your finished bathroom will not only provide a vital service but also help to reinforce your brand and the impression that you give to guests to your location, showing that you care about their wellbeing and experience.


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