What Industries Use Ultrasonic Cleaning?

What Industries Use Ultrasonic Cleaning?

With its ability to ensure superior cleaning in a short period of time, ultrasonic cleaning has fast become the standard approach for a wide variety of industries.

Indeed, so popular has this cleaning technology become, that its global value market value is predicted to reach $30 billion by the end of the decade, as discussed.

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Effective Cleaning Technology

The attraction of ultrasonic cleaning lies in its versatility as well as its exceptional results. By harnessing the power of ultrasonic sound waves, the cleaning equipment (featuring a bath in which the item to be cleaned is submerged), micro bubbles are produced, which effectively suck away dirt and contaminants such as grease, oil, dust, rust, and ink when they burst against the surface of the item to be cleaned. This approach reduces the need to use harsh chemical cleaning products, and enables precise cleaning that reaches every part of the item. Large ultrasonic cleaner equipment is available, together with handy tabletop sized units, meaning that there is an option for every application. Options include the large ultrasonic cleaner from Hilsonic.

A Wide Range Of Applications

Ultrasonic cleaning may be used on any item without an absorbent surface. This makes it the ideal choice for medical, automotive, re-manufacturing and railway industries, as well as for jewellery and spectacles cleaning. The automotive industry favours the ultrasonic approach to cleaning as it is highly effective at quickly removing oil, grease, lubricants and rust from car parts without risking damage to coatings or paintwork. Whilst the process is entirely non-invasive, it is also able to thoroughly clean even the hardest to reach crevices of a part.

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Meanwhile, the medical sector values the ultrasonic cleaning approach as it ensures the ability to meet the highest standards of hygiene, which is clearly essential when dealing with tools and machinery used on patients or for research purposes. Elsewhere, the re-manufacturing industry uses ultrasonic cleaning equipment to refurbish as well as maintain machinery. All of these industries, and many more, also appreciate the low cost of the ultrasonic cleaning process, making it a very cost-efficient investment.

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