Website Woes – The Top Grumbles of Online Consumers

Wondering why your website is getting very many hits? It could be that what you think is a design masterpiece, is actually off-putting for many visitors. There are some things that people just won’t tolerate when it comes to websites so make sure you’re not making any of the following errors:

#1 Too Wide

People get irritated when they have to keep scrolling left and right just to view the contents of the page. If the whole view is not easily accessible then, most people won’t bother to hang around and you’ll be suffering from a high bounce rate.

#2 Long Load Times

You’ve literally got a couple of seconds before people start leaving your site. If your images are taking too long to load then people get bored, frustrated and try somewhere else. Ensure you optimize your images properly in the correct file size for easy and fast online viewing. For Web Design Reading, visit

#3 Too Busy

You hear the phrase ‘less is more’ so often that you might have been tricked into thinking it isn’t true. If your website has too much information going on and loads of images, your visitor’s senses will be bombarded and they won’t know where to look first. This assault on the brain will be information overload and your visitors will most likely choose to go to a much calmer site to find out what they need to know. Keep it simple, relevant and clear.

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#4 Dodgy Links

This is another problem that annoys people about websites. Following a supposedly useful link that actually leads nowhere is extremely frustrating and damages the trust that the customer has in you as a business. Visitors won’t stick around if your site isn’t working properly.

#5 Pop-Up Surveys

This one is soul-destroyingly annoying! No sooner have you clicked onto a site when a pop-up survey envelops the entire screen asking you to provide feedback or sign up to a newsletter. Imagine walking into a restaurant and having the chef jump out at you, right in your face and ask you how the food was? You haven’t even been seated yet! That is how silly and annoying it is – how can someone provide feedback when they haven’t even seen your site yet? Please don’t do it.

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#6 Looks Abandoned

Customers are less likely to order from a site that looks like it hasn’t been updated since the turn of the millennium! Is the company even in business anymore? Not only does it negatively affect trust but also makes you look unprofessional in the digital era. Regular news updates, promotions, a blog – all of these will keep your site current and fresh.

#7 Menu Merry-Go-Round

When you click on a page in the menu and it takes you back to where you just were or says, ‘under construction’ makes you feel like the whole process is annoying and pointless, which is exactly what the customer will be thinking about your business. Check your site and make sure every stage works as it should or people just won’t stick around.

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