Types of Demolition Machinery

Types of Demolition Machinery

Anyone thinking about a demolition project will want to know how the task gets done. There are several pieces of equipment that are commonly applied for demolition projects, no matter how big or small. Here are some examples of the equipment used during a demolition process:


One piece of valuable equipment at the construction site is the excavator. They can help tackle countless projects, working both effectively and efficiently.

To understand what the excavator is used for, it is helpful to look at the components. Some of common components include the arm, bucket, boom, cab and shoes.

Types of Demolition Machinery

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Excavators are ideal for most types of demolition, including house demolition, commercial demolition, removing an inground swimming pool, and warehouse disassembly, as well as making foundations, trenches, pools and ponds etc. As well as demolition and excavation, this machine is also used in other sectors, such as forestry, construction and mining.

With a wide range of uses, excavators are an essential piece of the equipment for multiple projects. The better the contractor you hire, the more efficient their equipment will be and the more successful the demolition project. For Demolition Bristol, visit a site like https://www.davidhortoncontractors.co.uk/demolition/

Bobcat equipment is a commonly used piece of demolition and excavation equipment, including track loaders, compact machines, skid steer loaders and other small hydraulic equipment. The skid-steer loader is an effective machine that works with buckets, grapple, breakers and bucket attachments to tackle almost any demolition project similar to skid-steer loaders, but without the risk of getting a flat tyre, which is often a big problem at many a work site.

The small compact excavator is a sturdy digging machine and a great choice for any kind of working where there is limited accessibility, such as the removal of a pool, concrete removal, and more. They come with a variety of optional attachments for any type of job.

Types of Demolition Machinery2

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There are numerous Bobcat attachments to help keep costs down and remove the need for separate machines. Breakers make it easy to smash up tough surfaces and materials, while a bucket grapple is able to scoop up demolition waste. An angle broom can clean dirt and small debris left behind and is used with water to minimize dust. A fork grapple can also scoop waste while allowing small debris to fall through the bottom, reducing weight and the sorting costs of disposing of debris. Finally, an auger digs a fast and accurate hole.

A backhoe is a kind of bulldozer equipped with a digging bucket on the end of a two-part arm. It is usually mounted to the rear tractor or front loader. The arm is operated in a manner very similar to the excavator. Just as with excavators, a backhoe is great for removing concrete and tackling all sorts of demolition projects.

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