Top Principles of Effective Retail Design

Top Principles of Effective Retail Design

The aim of any shop is to entice the customer to come in, get them to stay and, ultimately, to not leave without buying something. Achieving these goals is top of the list of any retail designer, and there are tried and tested methods which will ensure your store gets it right from the start.

Top Principles of Effective Retail Design

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Here we outline the main principles of shop design in Dublin or elsewhere.

Catch Their Eye

The importance of window design should not be underestimated. A striking display which not only showcases what your shop sells but also attracts passers-by is vital to any store’s success.

Your shop window is literally that – it enables you to use your creative talents to the full, catching the eye of people on their way to work and enticing them to put a foot over your threshold. Imaginative and bold should be the key, but don’t lose sight of your main products, which should form the focal point.

Slowly Does It

Once you’ve got people inside your shop, you need them to stay there long enough to buy something. One way to achieve this is by creating displays which slow the customer’s progress through the shop.

While not wishing to inconvenience anyone, a creative display close to the entrance will slow a customer down, making them stop and encouraging them to advance further inside.

Steer Their Path

Once they get inside, it is a retail designer’s job to ensure they travel around the store rather than just speed through to the till or even exit. Research has shown most customers veer naturally toward the right when entering a shop.

According to financial advice website This Is Money, many shops place more expensive goods on the right because of this belief.

Designers should capitalise on this tendency by placing displays on the right-hand side of the entrance and by creating a clear pathway around the shop for customers to follow.

Make Space

Overcrowded shops give customers the impression goods are cheap and mass-produced. It is important to give people space to move and breathe, plus room to roam around.

There are plenty of websites where you can find out more about shop design in Dublin and see how your store can entice and keep customers.

It will really pay off if you know the main principles behind shop design.

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