Things to consider when choosing an electric vehicle

Things to consider when choosing an electric vehicle

Electric vehicles look set to become an inevitable part of our future. If you are considering going electric with your next vehicle purchase or lease, then you’ll want to consider the following factors as the specifications and technicalities can seem complex and confusing to those new to electric cars.

  • Cost

Currently, the quest for environmentally-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean pocket friendly. The drivetrain and expensive battery packs are presently what pushes the price up, so you will want to have a good think about your budget. Leasing can be an accessible way to experience your first electric vehicle. For more information on leasing polestar 2, go to a site like MPH Vehicle Solutions who offer leasing polestar 2 packages.

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  • Software

Manufacturers regularly release software updates due to the complex and advanced technology inside the vehicle. For optimum performance and security, you will want to find out whether these updates are automatically included or there will be additional charges.

  • Specifications

EVs come in a large range of motor and battery sizes that represent a wide range of capacity and capability. Understand your needs when deciding which will suit you best. Overpowered and it could be a waste of money or underpowered and you might get frustrated. Thoroughly review the technical specifications before choosing.

  • Battery life

The battery pack in an EV is the most essential and expensive component, so this requires some real consideration. The longer a battery lasts, the lower the cost of maintenance. A replacement battery can be quite pricey, so choose wisely.

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  • Charging

There are different charging options including fast, standard and slow charging. Fast charging is more expensive to install and you might not find many charging stations currently that support this. Standard and slow are easily achieved from your home’s electrical outlets. Consider what are the best options for your lifestyle and budget.

  • Range

The range on an EV is the most important factor. Try not to rely on the manufacturer’s figures but read plenty of user reviews of real life experience. On average, an EV should provide a range of 100km per day which is normally enough for most daily commutes.

  • Usability

You need your vehicle to work for you, in terms of cost, range, ease of use and accessibility to charging stations on the go. Consider your commute, location and budget when deciding if an electric vehicle is the right solution for your travel needs.

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