The Ideal Skincare Regime for Those with Sensitive Skin

The Ideal Skincare Regime for Those with Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, then you’ll already know how important it is to take good care of it. Stressed skin can become red, sore and inflamed easily, so a well-thought-out regime with the right products will help no end.

The Ideal Skincare Regime for Those with Sensitive Skin

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Choose the Right Products

Make sure you choose products that are designed for sensitive skin. If you use products for oily skin, you will find that your skin becomes very uncomfortable indeed! Typically, these products will be fragrance-free and based on natural, gentle ingredients that preserve the skin’s natural PH mantle and add protective ingredients to the epidermis.

Focus on Sensitive Areas

Certain parts of the face tend to be particularly fragile and sensitive – especially the lips and eyes. You may also have areas that tend to flare up. Make sure you care for these with special attention to avoid redness and stinging.

Cleanse Gently

Keep away from foaming cleansers and scrubs. Use a PH-neutral make-up remover that is naturally calming. Cleansing milks, calming gels and nourishing balms are good choices. Consider a facial cleansing oil too as part of a two-step regime. The Avene sensitive skin gift set is a good choice here. You can find it at:


Although your skin is sensitive, it still needs to be exfoliated to look fresh and youthful. This process also removes dead skin cells, which can otherwise build up and cause irritation. Avoid harsh scrubs, however. Use a fruit-based or gentle acid-based formulation that is specifically designed for sensitive skin. A gentle final rinse with a clean soft face cloth is also very effective.


The dermis is 70pc water, and the epidermis – or outermost layer – is 15pc water. Use a light moisturising cream with a richer one at night if needed, and a balm for any troubled areas. Refresh during the day with a natural spring water spray and treat yourself to a weekly mask. Remember your sunscreen too! It should be at least factor 15 to prevent sun damage.

Hypoallergenic Make-up

Make-up is another source of potential skin irritation. Choose gentle and hypoallergenic formulations which protect and nourish the skin. Mineral-based products are good for this and contain natural UV protection. Don’t forget to wear an SPF on your lips too – this is important.

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