The features you want from a membership management system

The features you want from a membership management system

If you’re investing in a new system for your membership management, you’ll want to be confident that you are looking for the right things. This system could be to manage a gym, spa or even used by a Kas 4 Villas Holiday Rental company to keep track of those who have booked holidays in their villas.In some cases the software will allow you to book fitness sessions, hairdressing appointments and even your Kas Villas holiday booking directly online. With an array of fancy features so often on offer, what are the key factors that should drive your ultimate decision?

The features you want from a membership management system

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Can the system that you are looking at scale up as your membership base changes and increases over time? Most cloud based systems do allow it, but this is a key question to ask the vendor.


Is the system capable of everything you need it to do? This might include marketing and communication, self-service management for the member, direct sales, events booking, CRM system integration and more.


How is the system priced? Some membership management systems are packaged on a total delivery cost basis. Bespoke systems will naturally be expensive. Off the shelf, cloud-deployed systems tend to be the most cost effective and delivered on a per-user annual license fee basis.

Customer centricity

You need to know that your chosen membership management system is designed with the customer at mind, and that it allows simple user journeys, and self-service account management.

Return on investment

Make sure you can weigh up the business case of your new investment against the membership fees that you receive. Know whether you need to see a return quickly, or whether you are happy to delay this payback period for a fixed period of time. There are different ways to account for the value of an asset or an investment.

Systems integration

Does the system that you are considering offer the opportunity to integrate disparate databases and your other digital platforms for a single solution? This will be important for companies looking to streamline their operations and deliver an enhanced customer experience.


This is crucial; ask what support your software vendor will offer as part of their package – including training and ongoing support for updates, queries and maintenance.

Every business is different so think about what else is important for your business when weighing up the right membership management solution.

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