The beauty and artistic talents of Ballet, Tap and Jazz dance.

Watching a live Ballet performance can be enthralling, breath-taking and even reduce you to tears as the graceful dancers effortlessly glide across the stage, pirouetting and leaping as they soar like swans in the air.  The costumes are elegant and dramatic and change continually as the cast of male and female dancers portray stories of Love, Deceit and Revenge!  The choreography and music work in harmony together as the classically trained dancers pivot and show off their grande allegro, (big leaps across the floor).  The leading lady is the Prima Ballerina and the leading man a Premier Danseur Noble, one of the Worlds greatest Ballet companies directed by Kevin O’Hare, is The Royal Ballet, uniting traditional movements and costumes with innovative performances at their home in Covent Garden.


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Tap is the artistic dance that is characterised by the rhythmic sounds of special shoes that have metal encased in the heels and toes, striking the hard floor.  The highly trained dancers that practise this incredibly difficult art form, can be compared to Electric Tapping Machines, these precisely engineered tools have five hammers placed strategically in a line, ready to be lifted and dropped in turn creating twenty impacts every second onto the floor.  This clever machine is used to test sound insulation and acoustics and is usually operated by professionals such as  The sounds created are like percussion instruments in an orchestra, being brought together in harmony by a professional conductor, alongside the strings and wood-wind parts of a well-trained musical unit. The shiny black, highly polished shoes are often worn alongside top hats, coattails and canes.  The precise movements of the dancers and the distinctive tapping of their shoes is like the precise movements of the Tapping machine as they both perform to the highest standards.


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Having its roots in America around the mid twentieth century, jazz dancing can be provocative and sexual, using the hips to sway and jive around the dance floor.  Film director and choreographer, Bob Fosse revolutionised jazz dancing and his style of suggestive movements helped the musicals, Chicago and Cabaret become great hits. Through the blending of African traditional dance and European steps, jazz dancing was born. Some of the more well-known styles of jazz dance are, The Charleston, Latino-Jazz, Broadway-Jazz, Jazz-Pop and Afro-Jazz.

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