Warehouse racking safety instruction guide

Warehouse racking safety instruction guide

When it comes to installing racks in the warehouse industry, it’s a huge task. There are several rules that must be adhered to for health and safety compliance, and some that are optional but highly recommended. Here are some important things to think about after you install a new racking system:

Mark out the floor

The safest way to operate in a warehouse setting is to mark separate zones on the ground for pedestrians and forklift drivers. For a non-permanent mark, coloured tape is useful. It also helps PPE requirements to mark different zones with a system of colour-coding. This helps to keep staff and visitors secure and it’s also a great way to keep everything organized in your warehouse.

Safety after installing warehouse racking

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To keep things super organized, efficient and for everyone to know where things are, introducing bay and gang numbering systems is important. Additional information that should be included are maximum weight notices, documents related to procedures and product labels. All of this information must be clearly visible on or around the rack. It is also a more efficient way to manage your storage. For Racking Ireland, visit a site like Rackzone, a supplier of Racking Ireland.

installing warehouse racking

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Safety signage

It is an essential element of health and safety in the warehouse and all safety signs should be highly visible in areas such as pedestrian and forklift crossing points. Load capacity markings should be placed on the rack itself. There is also a requirement for compulsory public signage such as those for fire exits, no smoking and direction signage.

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