Research reveals small increase in eating and drinking out

Research has revealed a small increase in eating and drinking out despite Brexit fears. The research also revealed that there has been a decrease in the number of people spending money on tobacco and alcohol to have at home. This is suggesting that the British have gained more of an interest in eating and drinking socially rather than alone.

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This seems to defy expectations which suggested that there would be a decrease in just about everything with people fearing what would happen with Brexit negotiations and lots of unknowns. Regardless of this, the amount spent on eating and drinking out seems to be on a steady increase especially amongst families who have children. Research has shown that households were spending around £20 a week on meals in restaurants, hotels, canteens, and cafés. When you think of the number of households there are in Britain that’s a lot of money being spent on eating and drinking out.

Are British people too busy to cook from scratch?

Possibly the amount spent on takeaways also increased alongside complaints from British people saying that they felt that work was taking over leisure time, with people working longer hours than before in the 24-hour world we now live in. Perhaps we have swapped the home-cooked meal for eating out in favour of losing the hassle of home cooking and advanced shopping or planning needed. There was also an increase in takeaway meals, so the growth of eating out, looks down to time-strapped Britain.

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The growing trend of eating and drinking out

You could visit a site such as to view facts and figures showing another possibility for the increase in eating and drinking out could be working people on lunch breaks nipping out to a café and grabbing a quick coffee and sandwich before having to rush back to the office.

Businesses are rising to demand and this has increased the number of roles and amount of training provided to staff in food and drink establishments. This is sure to increase the amount of catering equipment needed, so you could try somewhere such as for catering equipment in Leicester.

There has also been an increase in demand for healthy foods so this could have also boosted trade for food providers.

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