Private Dining – Fine Indian Restaurant Style

Private Dining – Fine Indian Restaurant Style

It’s great to go out with a group of friends and spend time together. How you spend that time will depend on you and your friends, but it will often involve a few drinks, a meal and lots of laughter. Sounds good, right? Of course it does, but you can make something good even better with a little bit of thought. You and your friends should be drinking the finest wine / whiskey/ cocktails (delete according to personal taste) and eating the very best food that celebrates authentic cooking techniques and modern cooking practices. Get both of these right and the laughter, fun and enjoyment will follow. Why settle for anything less?

Sometimes when you are eating out with friends it would be great to pretend you are the only people in the restaurant and have your very own dining room. Well, at one of London’s Fine Indian Restaurants this is precisely what you and your friends, family or business associates can do – enjoy restaurant food without having to mix with other diners. Here are the top six reasons to choose a private dining room rather than booking an extra-large table at a restaurant.

1. Privacy
The obvious advantage to having your own private room in a restaurant is the feeling of seclusion and privacy. You can enjoy fabulous food away from the masses.

2. Elegance
There is something altogether decadent about entering a private dining room. You instantly feel sophisticated, glamourous and a little bit special. Private dining rooms are usually designed with impeccable style and grace.

3. Attention to detail
When eating and drinking in a private dining room you can be sure of a dining experience that has been finely-tuned and is guaranteed to go smoothly. Your order will be taken and your meals served at just the right speed.

4. Homeliness
Dining behind closed doors gives a sense of all things homely and wholesome. You could almost be at a friend’s house (although judging by the surroundings. a particularly well-to-do friend).

5. Create a great impression
A private dining room experience is a great way to impress those you are dining with. Corporate events are given an extra special buzz and sense of occasion;in fact these dining rooms offer the perfect environment in which to ‘talk shop’ – or even better, talk about something completely different.

6. Old-school to contemporary
Private dining rooms have a wonderfully grown-up feel that suits any big occasion (or smaller celebration). London’s Fine Indian Restaurants exude a range of ambiences, from India’s opulent days of the Raj to its cosmopolitan modern-day present.

Three of the capital’s very best Indian fine dining restaurants are Amaya, Chutney Mary and Veeraswamy. Each celebrates all that is great about Indian culture. From the delicious menus to the regional artwork on the walls, as soon as you step into one of our restaurants you embark on a sensory adventure that’s hard to forget.

All three of our fine dining Indian restaurants has its own bespoke dining room which is separate from the rest of the restaurant and each possesses a uniquely Indian aura and personality. What’s stopping you?

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