Popular Theme Night Ideas For A Bar

Popular theme night ideas for a bar are an excellent way to boost sales during slow times. Themes can be varied as much as you like or you can find a favourite and stick with it for a while. Monitor how well each event does and how well it attracts customers to determine whether or not you will continue with a particular theme.

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Themes can be based on food or they can focus on a particular decade or movie or TV show. For example, a ’70s or ’80s themed happy hour would include music from the respective decade and decorations based on the movies or popular television shows from those decades. To upgrade your bar or restaurant area for theme nights, consider Finance For Pubs from www.specialistbusinessfinance.co.uk/hospitality-finance/finance-for-pubs/

Another popular theme night idea involves a special discount. For example, a flip a coin night gives a customer the choice to pay full price for a meal or they can get the discounted version of that dish by flipping a coin. This type of promotion works well during happy hour and allows customers to interact with one another in a fun and unique way.

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A themed party based on a holiday, festival or sports team is another excellent option. For example, summer themed events are an excellent way to draw in families and couples while focusing on a food theme that’s popular with everyone. Other fun ideas that can form the basis of a theme night include hat day where guests wear their hats or a Hawaiian day complete with tropical music and decorations.

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