Picking the best flooring options for an office

Picking the best flooring options for an office

There is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to choosing flooring for your office, as so many variables need to be taken into account.

Picking the best flooring options for an office

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How much foot traffic will there be? Does the aesthetic appearance complement the rest of the office? Do you need to dampen noise levels? Is it easy to maintain and clean? In addition, financial constraints often play a part in your decision.

We often judge people by the way they dress and the same can be said for the first impression a client has when they walk into your office. It can reflect, rightly or wrongly, what they consider to be your level of professionalism.

The cosy approach

A less formal ambience can be created with carpets or carpet tiles. This sends out a message of quality and helps to reduce energy costs due to its insulating nature.

There are drawbacks with carpets. If there is spillage, this needs to be cleaned immediately with an appropriate agent; in addition, carpets are not recommended for areas with a heavy footfall. Carpet tiles are a better option, as worn tiles are easily replaced. With a variety of styles and colours available, they also offer more flexibility in design. If choosing carpets or carpet tiles, make sure they comply with fire safety regulations.

A combination of carpet tiles and vinyl flooring is often found in offices. Vinyl is durable and resilient to scratches and dents, making it is perfect for areas used by tea trolleys or carts delivering goods.

Practical and classy

Solid wood flooring makes an impact with clients and customers and adds a touch of class to any office; however, although it is hardwearing, it requires a lot of maintenance to keep it looking pristine. You also should consider the impact of noise as people walk about.

To achieve a similar look without the expense, laminate flooring offers an ideal alternative. This is a popular choice for modern offices, as it creates a contemporary feel and is easy to maintain and clean, and is available from stockists such as ukflooringdirect.co.uk.

The same amount of thought should be put into office flooring as you put into the flooring in your home; furthermore, staff will be happier and perform more efficiently if they are working in a congenial environment.

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