Organising Space – a Short Guide to being an Architect

Organising Space – a Short Guide to being an Architect

You might think you know what an architect’s job involves but you’ll be surprised by the variety the role encompasses. If you think it’s just about drawing plans for buildings, then think again. Yes, there are planning processes for an architect but the scope of things that an architect can design is much bigger than that.

What does an architect design?

They design homes of all shapes and varieties, whether they are standard or custom-built for a specific individual’s needs. They are also responsible for designing office buildings, landscapes, ships, skyscrapers, schools, hospitals and even whole cities! Basically, anywhere a space needs organising, an architect can be involved.

Organising Space – a Short Guide to being an Architect

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What else does an architect do?

Other responsibilities include teaching in colleges and universities, running professional organisations and following projects based on climate change, being at the forefront of designing carbon-neutral homes and developments around the world. For West London Architects, visit

What goes into a design?

Planning a space involves many considerations, not just the need for it to look pleasing. Other essential factors include safety, accessibility, cost, environment, infrastructure, the client’s needs and materials.

Organising Space – a Short Guide to being an Architect2

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What is involved in constructing a design?

Architects must have many skills that include managing a project from start to finish. Overseeing a project involves being able to time manage effectively, communicate well with clients and contractors and the perseverance to see a vision become a reality.

Other kinds of architect

An information architect is someone who designs the layout of information on web pages. It’s the concept of designing space to not only look aesthetically pleasing but highly functional too. Architect comes from the Greek word ‘architekton’ meaning chief carpenter or builder. Landscape architects work closely with a building’s architect and are involved in designing and nurturing the surrounding natural environment.

Where do they work?

Some large firms have a whole team of design architects who are responsible for the initial designs of a big project. This is the artistic side of architecture, where you see the traditional images of architects, sketching by hand, creating computer-generated models and preparing presentations. A production architect will work with the ‘blueprints’ of building plans which are what the builders will be working from. Some architects don’t draw at all and spend their time writing material specifications. These technical manuals instruct builders on exactly what quality material to use and what colour to paint it etc.

Some qualified and licensed architects will prefer to set up a business of their own, have more flexibility in choosing projects and be their own boss.

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