Key skills that all aspiring solicitors need

Key skills that all aspiring solicitors need

Legal knowledge is not the only requirement to pursue a career as a solicitor.

Key skills that all aspiring solicitors need

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The job involves a solid understanding of a variety of skills, such as financial awareness, drafting and negotiating proficiency, and an ability to care for your client’s needs.

Although many solicitors specialise in certain areas within a firm, a broad education in the requirements of the job is essential, and most firms will offer a range of experience during your training period. As with any job, however, continual professional development over your career is also crucial to a long and successful tenure.

Immensely rewarding

Whether you are looking for firms of solicitors Gloucester, Gillingham or Grantham, organisations authorised by the Law Society will offer the environment to train you or offer structured support. They can be found at sites such as

Background information explaining the skills required is also available from the England and Wales solicitors’ professional body via their website.

Key skills that all aspiring solicitors need2

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A career as a solicitor can be immensely rewarding. You will help clients make major financial decisions when purchasing a home or making a will to provide for family and friends. Business advice, protecting individual rights, and helping the community by advising those unable to pay for advice will also form part of your daily work experience.

To be successful you will need to combine various skills.

Dedication both to your firm and your client base is essential. Your ethics and integrity will define you as a professional.

Complex concepts

Flexibility and constant learning as laws change will also stand you in good stead. The law remains an academic career, but personal skills are also valued highly by employers.

Being able to explain potentially complex concepts to clients will earn plaudits from contemporaries and encourage clients to recommend you as a go-to professional.

Commercial awareness is vital in two senses. First, your client may face serious financial consequences if they are badly advised, but you will also need to understand the commercial environment you work in within your own firm.

Finally, being able to understand complex information and distill it into key points is an essential skill. Your legal education should stand you in good stead as you will have studied case law and legislation and will understand how to pick out the salient facts.

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