Increasing customers to your business

To increase the chances of success for your business, you need to win those sales from potential customers who wouldn’t otherwise have heard of your business or visited your premises. Here are some clever ways to increase customer footfall:

Show people where to go

If you don’t point people in the right direction, then don’t expect them to find you. If your store is not central, it might be worth investing in signposts. You also need to make it obvious for people what the benefits are of visiting your store.

Increasing customers to your business

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Direct action and a proactive approach can improve footfall. Take flyers out into a busy street, highlight a special offer or incentive for people to come and see you. If this doesn’t sound like something you can do personally, consider paying a company to do it for you.

Leaflet drops

Why not get some leaflets printed and deliver them to homes nearby to make more people aware of your business? Consider a smart and eye-catching design but remember to be concise and clear about the benefits on offer. Don’t forget to include information on how people can find you and contact you.

Partner up

Why not consider forming a partnership with other local businesses? You could agree to make referrals and recommendations for each other, including links on your websites and special offers or incentives. This works well, as long as you’re not in direct competition of course.

Look good

Making premises look attractive will entice more people through the door. Perhaps your exterior could do with a freshen up. Simple things can make a big difference, such as clean windows, a tidy entrance and a fresh coat of paint. If you have the money, invest in new shop signs and have a make-over with promotional re-launch. Looking good also includes your outdoor space and any garden or green area that you have. A Landscape Gardeners Gloucester way would be able to help you make the most of any space that you have available and turn it into an aesthetically pleasing space.

Window shopping

The window of your shop is the ideal place to market your merchandise to passing traffic, so don’t overlook this opportunity. Don’t overcrowd the space but use it to display your most attractive offers. Don’t go too niche either and try to showcase offers that will appeal to the largest number of potential customers.


Don’t forget the power of a pavement board either to advertise your best deals of the day. A great slogan or eye-catching imagery can be highly effective in drawing interested people through your door.

Increasing customers to your business2

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Reward loyalty

Loyalty cards have long been used to encourage loyalty to a brand and repeat business. They are easy to introduce, and the card is simply stamped each time a customer visits and makes a purchase. Once the customer has collected a certain number of stamps, they are entitled to a discount or a free item.


Why not offer small samples of your products just outside your store? Give potential customers the chance to see, touch, smell or taste whatever it is you are selling.








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