Important construction site equipment

Important construction site equipment

Working at a construction site? They can be noisy, busy and dangerous places, so make sure you have all the right equipment you need to keep you safe. Here are some of the most common items found on construction sites.

1. Barrier Boards

Barrier boards are often used together with traffic cones to mark work zones and safe areas for both workers and the public. A barrier system consists of a cone and reflective highly visible boards.

2. Cranes

A common sight in areas of construction, mobile cranes are used for lifting heavy objects, such as bricks, steel beams, pipes and other building materials.

Important construction site equipment

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3. External Cable Protectors

When electricity is needed outside for electrical machinery or mobile units, cables can be coming from all angles. To avoid trip hazards and the cable becoming damaged, external cable protection is very important.

4. High Viz Clothing

Personal protective equipment is important in the construction site for safety purposes when working around heavy machinery and in dangerous conditions. This includes the use of reflective clothing, which should always be worn when working outside, in bad weather conditions and poor light. As well as high visibility clothing, vehicles and machines can increase their visibility with Buggy Whips  available at a site like

construction site equipment

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5. Skips

Garbage disposal is a major part of life at a construction site and skips help to keep the area safe and clear.

6. Fencing

Temporary fencing is perfect on a short term basis. This could consist of a security fence, plastic nets or plastic barriers.

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