How to Protect your Hearing From Loud Noises

How to Protect your Hearing From Loud Noises

Most people who have no issues with their hearing can take it for granted, however if you experience problems with your hearing it can cause pain, as well as disruption to your life.

Some hearing problems can be resolved – for example, if you have problems with wax build up in  the ear that is affecting your hearing, you can go to a professional like this ear wax removal Newbury based company and have it removed, however, hearing problems caused by exposure to loud noises such as hearing loss and tinnitus are not able to be cured.

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Reducing your risk means taking care not to expose yourself to sounds that are too loud (over 85 decibels).

Here are some tips to help protect your hearing…

When you are using personal mp3 music players, don’t have the volume up too loud, and use headphones that sit on top of the ear rather than the type that are placed in the ear.

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If possible, move yourself away from loud noise sources.

When you are buying a noise making product, check what the decibel level is and try to choose quieter electronic appliances.

When attending loud events such as concerts and nightclubs, have some special earplugs that are designed for use when listening to music. This will ensure that you still have the sound quality but will reduce the volume to a less damaging level.

If you work in a noisy environment, ensure that your employer is providing you with the correct hearing protection as well as the right training to ensure that you can use the protection correctly.

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