How to choose the best cleaning provider

If you want to run a successful business, finding a reliable cleaning contractor is absolutely crucial. You will be multi-tasking and need to keep your eye on the ball at all times. Retaining a reliable workforce and attending meetings take up the majority of your time, so it is vital to rely on your vendors and contractors. Here we give you some key pointers to picking the right company, so that everything will run smoothly and you will hardly have to think about this issue day-to-day. Spend a little more time in getting this aspect of the business right, and the payback will be many hours saved in the future.

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To find out about your responsibilities as an employer with regard to contractors, it is a good idea to refer to government guidelines, which can be found here:

The following hints and tips will help you to choose a contractor or to review the situation in the future:

Communication is key

It is vital that you know at all times that contacting your cleaning provider will be straightforward and not time-consuming. Deal with this before you even employ them, by asking for a named contact, and checking the timeframe for responding to urgent queries.

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When it comes to cleaning and hygiene, your provider is the expert, so do not even think about micro-managing their staff. Let your contractor take control over choice of products and daily routines. After all, you employed them to take control of the smooth running of this aspect of your business operation. Office cleaning in Cheltenham, for example, can reliably be managed by a local company such as Into Cleaning (, which also has offices in other parts of the Cotswolds.

Asking for advice

A good place to start when looking for contractors is to look at websites and reviews, and to talk to business associates.

Look to the long-term

If at any stage, you decide you have made a bad decision and taken on the wrong cleaning contractor, it is best to cut your losses and seek out a more reliable provider who is a better fit for your needs. Building up a long-term relationship and having the confidence to renew an existing contract year after year can become a matter of routine once you have found a company to suit your needs.

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