Four tips for efficient conveyancing

Four tips for efficient conveyancing

The conveyancing process can be complicated, but the good news is there are ways to make it more efficient. Let’s take a look at four useful tips.
1. Choose the right conveyancer

Picking the right conveyancer is your starting point for a successful property transaction. The conveyancer will be managing key legal elements of the process, so choose a fully accredited professional who offers expertise, clear pricing, and excellent communication. You can make this process easier by looking for recommendations, comparing quotes and looking into qualifications.

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Your conveyancer must either be CLC-licensed or SRA-regulated. This will ensure they follow clear and defined professional standards in their work and have achieved the necessary qualifications to practice. A reputable firm of conveyancing solicitors Bromley or elsewhere, such as, can provide the trusted service you need.

2. Start early

It is vital to be organised from the beginning of your house purchase process. Be as proactive as you can and have the necessary documentation, including ID, ready to avoid delays. You can help this process by keeping all relevant information in one folder so that you can access it quickly; having a timeline of key milestones within the process so that you can track them; and staying regularly engaged, communicating proactively and quickly with your estate agent, conveyancer, and mortgage broker. This will help you to address any issues quickly.

3. Do surveys and searches in the right way

It is important to request the right surveys and searches for the property you plan to buy to establish its environmental, legal, and structural status. You can talk about these needs with your conveyancer, who can offer advice on the right surveys. Obtain the costs and factor these in. Also, factor in the time for searches and account for these on your timeline. Arrange for surveys to assess the structural condition of the property and choose a surveyor that is Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) registered.

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4. Liaise effectively with everyone involved

Buying a house is a complex process that involves a number of people and a fairly lengthy period. Stay in touch with everyone involved so that everything moves quickly. You can help this by establishing a preferred method of communication, scheduling regular check-ins, and being quick to address any issues. The more you can keep everyone talking, the quicker the process will be and the less likely it is that bottlenecks will form, which can cause stress and delays.

By keeping on top of the conveyancing process, you can ensure your house purchase transaction is as smooth and simple as possible, taking you one step closer to getting the keys to your new home.

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