Facts about renewable energy.

It’s becoming clear that we can’t really carry on using fossil fuels to heat and light our home. So, what are the alternatives? There are absolutely loads of other options that we can use and there is quite a lot of research into them. It is more than likely that we shall have to use them. We shall ignore Nuclear energy as it produces Plutonium which is terrible stuff and leaves a legacy. Nuclear, like fossil fuels will need to have Decommissioning done when it is finished with.

Facts about renewable energy.

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The energy provision that we are discussing works with the earth and uses its natural power to generate energy. The turbine is moved by not burning something or smashing it together.

Facts about renewable energy. 2

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1- Solar. Already established, the modern panel will extract the weakest of Sunlight and charge its batteries. Many of us now have them installed on our roofs. They even feed back into the national grid making the home self sufficient.

2 – Wind. Look out to sea on the cost line and you will already see Wind “farms” dotting the seascape. In any place that wind becomes strong you will often see these majestic windmills churning away turning their turbines.

3 – Wave. Still in it;s infancy it is a quite costly and untried form of hydroelectric power and not as solid as;

4-  Hydroelectric power created by Dams.

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