Businesses Need These 5 Features in their CRM Systems

Although CRM solutions tend to be comprehensive, there are some core features that produce the most impact to your business.

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Focus on these five features that provide the most useful characteristics in CRM systems.

1. Simplicity of integration

There is no point in investing in a CRM system that is too complicated to install and navigate.

Nothing affects the employee take-up of technology like a system that is too difficult to implement and use, hurting your investment in new technology.

Simplicity of integration into the business’s daily routines is an extremely important feature. If software is complicated with unrelated functionality, people will refrain from using it.

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Implement a simple CRM system that will integrate with regularly used software. There are also other methods to encourage employee adaptation, such as incremental implementation, training and incentives.

2. Remote Access

A CRM solution that cannot be accessed remotely is not a good option.

It must be possible to enter data from all work locations, trade shows and customer sites. Remote workers should not be handicapped with a pared-down version of the system.

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3. Mobile Access

This is the ability for the CRM solution to be accessed on a handheld mobile device.

This is essential for roles such as field sales personnel, who only need basic information like contact information, along with access to collateral, sales, back-office systems data and organisational schedules to complete deals.

Businesses must look into how mobile access can support their enterprise and optimise processes.

4. Strong Multichannel Support

Multichannel support is required to sustain reliable mobile access and other services.

More than one channel of support is useful, as service phone numbers are important for instant and straightforward help, along with instant chat lines online. Strong support is essential for the success of the CRM system for your business.

5. Integrated Analytics

Merely collecting data is simply not enough; you must be able to understand data and what it signifies before utilising it as a cause for action.

CRM systems must provide business users with valuable insight into decision-making analytics for marketing and sales, allowing them to target consumer groups, apply and define treatment strategies, select campaigns and measure results.

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